PGS Gets Closer to the Reservoir with Rock Physics Integration

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Following the recent acquisition of the main assets of Rock Solid Images (RSI), PGS is adding rock physics, real-time seismic AVO modeling capabilities, and data atlases to its portfolio.

The combination of GeoStreamer technology with RSI rock physics tools and atlases offers significant benefits when integrating seismic with well data, for example in demonstrating AVO compliance. PGS will also use the technologies to reinforce their 4D feasibility and modeling of rock properties, calibrating GeoStreamer seismic with conditioned well data and known production scenarios.

EVP New Ventures Berit Osnes says PGS will integrate well-based rock physics data in their MultiClient data library, offering the interactive rock physics atlas browser rockAVO as a MultiClient product. The current suite of rock physics atlases is a good fit with the PGS seismic data library, especially in the US and Europe, with wells in the Gulf of Mexico, the Barents Sea, the Norwegian Sea, the North Sea, and the UK Central Graben.

Unlocking Reservoir Properties

Rock physics is the link between seismic response and geological properties. It explains how rock properties like density, porosity and fluid fill influence seismic velocities and amplitude response at the well location.

Rock physics properties vary from basin to basin, and from stratigraphic interval to interval. For each, a separate model or rock physics template is required that relates seismic parameters to earth properties. “PGS has ample access to the seismic side of this template. We’ve now added the geological part that comes from well data, and a proven software tool to deliver fully interactive, well by well, rock physics-AVO modeling,” says Berit Osnes.

Expanding Rock Physics Products in support of Exploration

Regional rockAVO atlases for Europe and the Gulf of Mexico will be expanded to new areas, such as West Africa. At the exploration stage, combining regional rock physics atlases with seismic data library coverage will permit fuller and faster calibration of zones of interest and analog screening.

“Rock physics and real-time, dynamic seismic AVO modeling, with regional atlases and local studies targeting individual wells, will offer valuable additions to the PGS MultiClient product portfolio in key basins. This will enable our clients to carry out rapid screening for analogs and scenario testing of lithology, fluid and porosity. New services will expand on established RSI workflows and technologies,” explains PGS’ Berit Osnes.

Calibrating Well Data to 4D Seismic

Matching 4D well modeling to 4D seismic will offer further proof of the AVO compliance and imaging integrity of PGS seismic data.

4D well AVO modeling can be integrated with seismic gathers, using the rockAVO interactive software, and PGS can now deliver enhanced 4D feasibility studies and scenario modeling of reservoir characteristics, like saturation and pressure changes.

“Interactive AVO modeling enables rapid testing during both processing and interpretation, potentially improving the quality of project deliverables,” says Allan McKay, VP 4D Technology and Business Development.

QI advantage

The RSI acquisition will also strengthen PGS’ quantitative interpretation (QI) capability, according to PGS’ Global QI Manager, Cyrille Reiser.

“Successful QI begins with an audit of available well log and seismic data, then data conditioning and rigorous quality control. The objective of QI is to estimate elastic seismic attributes within their proper geologic context. Rock-physics-driven QI techniques combining rockAVO, prestack AVO compliant seismic data and additional post-seismic inversion technologies will enhance the ability of PGS clients to predict rock and fluid type accurately during reservoir review and prospect analysis,” he says.

“PGS has the finances and global reach to enable growth of these real-time dynamic rock physics products on a whole new scale, and the added synergies of the PGS data library mean this area has a very exciting future,” promises Berit Osnes.

RSI well data and PGS seismic data
Overlap and integration of RSI well data with the PGS data library in the Gulf of Mexico.

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