PGS 2D Feasibility Study to Screen Denmark CCS Sites

wave imagewave image
Results will soon be ready from a 2D feasibility study in Danish waters launched earlier this year, to support the ongoing screening and characterization of potential CCS sites.

The study is phase 1 of a regional 2D rejuvenation project in the Danish North Sea to be kicked off in the beginning of 2024.

Ongoing work is focused on offshore sites identified by GEUS for maturation. It includes seven seismic sections from three surveys using state of the art 2D processing including pre-processing, tomography and final VTI Kirchhoff PSDM (alternatively PSTM).

We aim to demonstrate the uplift achievable by reprocessing the data and to prepare the processing sequence for the larger project planned in 2024. The study is in cooperation with Geus and the industry.

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Seven sections from three 2D surveys over the Inez and Hanstholm fields are included in the 2D feasibility study, carried out in cooperation with GEUS. A larger project planned for 2024 will enable regional CCS screening.

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