PGS’ New Ghana MegaSurvey Provides Regional Context

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The first data is now available on this new PGS MegaSurvey targeting the extensive prospective acreage of the Ghanaian offshore area. The Ghana MegaSurvey consists of 24 000 sq. km of 3D seismic data extending from the prolific Tano Basin in the west, through the Salt Pond Basin and into the relatively frontier Keta Basin to the east.

The Ghana MegaSurvey covers the proven Upper Cretaceous oil play as targeted in the Jubilee and TEN fields. Multiple undrilled stacked turbidite channel and fan systems can be delineated using PGS MegaSurvey data. Exploration is now pushing into the eastern frontier areas of the Saltpond and Keta Basins, expected to contain Tertiary and Upper Cretaceous potential.

Ongoing exploration and appraisal continue to boost Ghana’s resources and the Ghanaian offshore is continuing to be one of West Africa’s exploration hot spots.

First data is now available on our new Ghana MegaSurvey
First data is now available on our new Ghana MegaSurvey


MegaSurvey Key to Regional Understanding

MegaSurveys are regional scale, merged post-stack datasets consisting of multiple surveys that will be rebinned to a common grid and then matched to produce a phase-balanced and uniformly-scaled contiguous regional volume. Extensive MegaSurvey coverage can be used to continue exploration for analogs of existing interests, to identify new prospects and to place field-scale geological understanding into a basin-wide context.

PGS MegaSurvey data highlights the excellent structural and stratigraphic trapping potential in the Ghanaian offshore. The regional nature of the data allows the tectonic and basin development to be fully explored leading to a greater understanding of existing and potential petroleum systems.

Analogs can be drawn allowing a regional evaluation of existing successes and failures covering both existing discoveries and open blocks available for licensing.

Seismic line from the Ghana MegaSurvey
RMS Amplitude extraction highlighting turbidite channel and fan complexes imaged in the Upper Cretaceous


Completes Coverage from Côte d’Ivoire to Nigeria

The West African Transform Margin is a large tectonically constrained area bounded by a series of major fracture zones formed during the separation of the African and American continents in the Late Jurassic to Cretaceous.

Gaining a regional understanding of the complex tectonostratigraphic evolution of the area is key in understanding the basin development and prospectivity. The Ghana MegaSurvey now completes the PGS coverage of the West Africa Transform Margin, providing an excellent foundation for successful exploration.

Continuous PGS data library across the West Africa Transform Margin
The PGS data library offers continuous coverage across the West Africa Transform Margin from Côte d’Ivoire to Nigeria


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