PGS Releases Latest GeoStreamer PURE Data for UK Central Viking Graben

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PGS has released a newly reprocessed dataset targeting UK 32 Round licensing opportunities in the Central Viking Graben. PGS19M04VIK is a high-density, AVO-compliant seismic dataset that clearly defines stratigraphy and basin structures. 

The dataset is a part of PGS’ GeoStreamerPURE Viking Graben product, offering premium quality 3D data to appropriately risk exploration targets and extend production from existing fields.

PGS19M04VIK covers key UKCS producing fields such as Maclure, Beryl, Bruce, and Nevis, and highlights significant nearfield upside potential and exploration targets. Extending onto the East Shetland Platform, this dataset clearly defines the basin configuration into the Triassic and images the transition to and the structure of the platform.

In terms of petroleum plays, PGS19M04VIK covers an area that is remarkably diverse and prolific. Existing fields range from Triassic-Jurassic structural closures to Eocene injectites in the depocenters. Eocene injectites have been the source of several recent successful drilling campaigns.

In addition to traditional targets, Paleozoic structures and potential may exist at the margin and on the East Shetland Platform and these are clearly imaged on the dataset.

Reprocessing of this legacy GeoStreamer data has included regeneration of P-UP with 2020 workflows and application of state-of-the-art demultiple methods, including the separated wavefield imaging (PGS SWIM) and focused pre- and post-migration processing techniques. PGS FWI, based on reflections and refractions, was used to construct a high-resolution, high-fidelity velocity model. Those high-resolution deep velocity updates have resulted in improved subsurface images in a fully AVO-compliant, depth-migrated dataset that supports robust reservoir characterization.

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Central Viking Graben Reprocessing example
South-north section from PGS19M04VIK giving a good overview of successful plays in the area down to the Jurassic.



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