PGS Sets Australian Seismic Acquisition Benchmark with the Ramform Hyperion

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The 3D seismic data from Keraudren provides a marked improvement in data quality over targeted reservoir intervals discovered and appraised in the three Dorado wells drilled in 2018 and 2019. 

The Keraudren 3D seismic survey was recently acquired by the Ramform Hyperion, one of four Titan-class Ramform vessels in the PGS fleet, for operator Santos and their Joint Venture partner Carnarvon Petroleum across exploration permits WA-437-P and WA-438-P in the Bedout Sub-basin, offshore Western Australia.

Deploying the first-ever ‘negative offset’ source configuration in ‘wide source towing’ mode, the vessel configuration was designed to enhance the quality of the data over the four targeted reservoir intervals discovered and appraised in the three Dorado wells drilled in 2018 and 2019. According to Carnarvon, the Keraudren 3D data provides "a marked improvement" over the previous Capreolus 3D data, which the Joint Venture used to define the Dorado prospect that led to the significant Dorado-1 oil find in mid-2018.

A dense multisensor GeoStreamer spread ensured that the data efficiently recorded rich frequency bandwidth, and the availability of ultra-long source umbilicals meant that the sources could be safely towed above the GeoStreamer spread without necessitating an expensive dedicated source vessel.

The ability to tow the sources with much larger lateral separation was introduced by PGS a couple of years ago to improve near offset coverage for all streamers. Together with the novel negative offset source deployment, this method provided a data platform optimized for removing seismic multiples in processing, and providing high resolution shallow geological imaging in challenging data areas.

PGS Australia country manager Rick Irving believes the Titan-class Ramform platform can continue to unlock new reserves in Australia by delivering even more aggressive dimensions to survey designs.


Ramform Hyperion
Ramform Hyperion is an ultra-high capacity seismic vessel of the Ramform Titan class


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