PGS Shares First Full Stack GeoStreamer X Norwegian Sea

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PGS brought its fast and efficient multi-azimuth GeoStreamer X product to the Norwegian Sea in 2022. First impressions of the final data quality are now available.

GeoStreamer X, which typically combines new broadband 3D acquisition and reprocessed library data, delivers multiazimuth illumination with faster turnaround and lower environmental impact than ocean bottom nodes.

The initial GeoStreamer X Norwegian Sea covered 6 700 sq. km on the Halten / Donna Terrace. An additional 6 150 sq. km was added in 2023, and a further 7 340 sq. km acquisition is planned in 2024.

A first look at the final full stack data is now possible, in advance of the release of the full volume which will be available by the end of this year.

In the Norwegian Sea, GeoStreamer X gives a significant advancement in data quality, with more accurate subsurface images. This first full stack seismic data shows significant improvements that can be observed both at shallow depths and in deep settings, revealing structure and stratigraphy in unprecedented detail.

“The examples below give a realistic first impression of the final full multiazimuth stack results from the 2022 program, which we expect to deliver to clients after Christmas,” says Kjetil Roverud, PGS Sales Manager Norway.

  • Structural definition improvement
  • Fault imaging enhancement
  • Geological interpretation refinement
  • Signal/noise ratio augmentation

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To arrange a data show of GeoStreamer X Norwegian Sea, or to discuss the benefits of multiazimuth GeoStreamer X for oil and gas exploration, carbon capture and storage assessments, and more accurate resource assessment, call Kjetil Roverud, or contact

GeoStreamer X

Final raw stack in time 3.5 km to 4 km from the legacy processing (left) matched to new GeoStreamer X data (right). GeoStreamer X multiazimuth illumination improves structural and stratigraphic imaging, with multiple elimination and enhanced signal-to-noise ratio. The final full MAZ stack will be available by the end of 2023.  

GeoStreamer X

Final raw stack in time from the legacy processing 2 to 2.5 km matched to final multiazimuth stack in time from GeoStreamer X Norwegian Sea 2022. Improved acquisition and processing enhance the data quality, offering a more detailed image of the subsurface, revealing shallow and deep structure, including faults blocks hosting petroleum reserves. The final full MAZ stack will be available end of 2023.

Explore Norwegian Sea Prospectivity

The Norwegian Sea continues to prove itself as a world-class petroleum province. According to the NPD, production is expected to increase up to 2024. This is a key exploration hub.

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