PGS Targets Lower Congo Basin in New Angola Acquisition

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PGS, in cooperation with ANPG, has begun a new prefunded MultiClient 3D survey in the Lower Congo Basin, near the river plume of the Congo in Angola Block 1/14. The acquisition phase will continue until April and fast-track data is expected in October 2021.

Ramform Atlas is acquiring high-density 3D GeoStreamer data using a 10 x 8 025 m streamer spread.  The survey is designed to produce data of superior resolution, to increase understanding of the prolific Lower Congo Basin. The Block 1/14 survey provides the first broadband 3D data in the area.

PGS is currently evaluating a series of new acquisition projects within the Lower Congo Basin.

Ramform Atlas is towing 10 x 8km streamers in the Lower Congo Basin
Ramform Atlas is towing 10 densely spaced streamers each over 8km long near the plume of the Congo River


Geological Targets

Exploration targets in the Lower Congo Basin are found in several stratigraphic intervals. The post-salt section contains the proven Miocene play with numerous producing oil fields. The Upper Cretaceous remains relatively underexplored with multiple opportunities identified. The presalt section has had minimal exploration activity but vintage data indicates considerable potential.


Ramform Atlas is currently acquiring seismic data in Angola Block 1/14
Ramform Atlas is currently acquiring seismic data in Angola Block 1/14


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