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Psychological Acceptance of AI Chatbot Suggestions

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"Why is it so widespread, and what may be some of the consequences?" asks Andrew Long in this Industry Insights article.

Andrew takes a look at why AI chatbots are being adopted so rapidly into our lives, their ability to tap into various human cognitive biases and frailties, and posits the likelihood that this will soon dominate our communication and interaction through all forms of electronic media. We have a responsibility to be aware and vigilant of the increasing opportunities to be misinformed, exploited, and influenced, he says.

In his article, Andrew summarizes several psychological factors known to influence our willingness to engage with and accept AI chatbot feedback and presents examples of shadier applications of AI chatbots.

He reminds readers of the importance of critically evaluating sources and presents the high-profile seismic imaging example of Full Waveform Inversion (#FWI) to illustrate how easily "facts" can be misrepresented, also within our industry.

Plentiful references are provided for those inclined to pursue further inquiries.