Ramform Atlas Sets Sizzling Seismic Deployment Record

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Benchmarking a new metric for the seismic industry, Ramform Atlas has deployed a 14 x 8100 m spread in less than three days, offshore West Africa. This makes another showcase for Titan-class efficiency, reliability and performance.

As this is not a metric that the industry has tracked before, we believe we set a new record rather than breaking one.

The Ramform Atlas deployed 113 400 meters of seismic streamer in just 2 days 23 hours and 46 minutes. That equates to over 37 800 meters of streamer per day. It was made possible, in a safe and sound manner, by the deployment capacity of the Titan-class which can reel out many streamers simultaneously.

Super-efficient deployment allowed the vessel to minimize downtime between a maintenance fix and getting back into production. Although the stable design and safety characteristics of the Titan-class mean they already enjoy a far wider weather window than traditional vessels, faster deployment gives an additional edge.

Experts at retrieval too

Speed is not the essence of a successful retrieval. Recovery of all streamers at a minimum, safe water-velocity reduces tension and avoids damage to the equipment, which is our priority number one. PGS has the best track-record of full simultaneous retrievals. While this is not something we do every time, we do frequently recover all the gear together. 

Key to reliability and performance

Tales of operational prowess, such as this, are more than chest beating and bellowing. Mastery of advanced towing and handling techniques minimizes wear and tear on equipment. This combination of technology and skill is key to PGS reliability and performance offshore.

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