Sören Naumann Wins Best Paper at NPF 2018

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Sören Naumann's presentation on imaging in the presence of ooze was voted Best Paper of the NPF seminar. This accolade follows Sverre Brandberg Dahl's award of the Norwegian Geophysics Prize, yesterday.

The full title of Sören's winning paper was: Solving Imaging Challenges in a Deep-water, Complex Ooze Regime - A Case Study from the Outer Vøring Area.  It outlines how we can derisk by resolving complexities and creating accurate velocity models and reliable images.

It was the top pick on a vote by 99 NPF delegates on best paper at the Geophysics Seminar. 

Resolving Ooze

The paper describes how reservoir targets in the area sit deeper than complex ooze bodies. The ooze bodies must be effectively resolved in order to accurately image the targets. Traditional Full Waveform Inversion (FWI) is not successful due to a combination of deep water, and a lack of refractions from strong negative velocity contrasts at the top of the ooze bodies.  The ooze also causes strong scattering of the wavefield and results in distortions and amplitude dimming effects which must be addressed.

The solution is to use PGS FWI, which includes reflections and refractions to provide deeper and higher resolution velocity models.  Small-scale velocity variations and sharp velocity contrasts between the ooze bodies and surrounding lithology are captured.  Q-modeling is included to compensate for amplitude distortions and to ensure absorption is incorporated during the migration.

Sören Naumann is a staff geophysicist working for PGS in Oslo. He joined PGS as a graduate in 2009 and has held various roles in our Imaging organization in the UK and Norway. He holds an MSc Geophysics from the University of Kiel.

The Norwegian Petroleum Association (NPF) Geophysics Seminar is a biennial, three-day event that is known for the high quality of its content. The seminar is recognized throughout the petroleum industry. This year it attracted 175 attendees from a broad range of companies active on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

Delegates and speakers were encouraged to share their experiences of operating on the NCS, under the theme "A New Dawn". The organizers encouraged papers that shed light on the future of geophysical exploration and development. This could be new ways of collaboration, new technology, software development or new areas of geophysical applications.

Other PGS Papers

PGS data and ideas formed the foundation of three more technical papers at the NPF conference, including

  • 4D Reservoir Monitoring on the Bøyla Field using Full Broadband Acquisition and Processing Solutions
    - Julien Oukili, Geophysical Support Manager, PGS

  • Exploration Across Critical Angle
    - Espen H Nilsen, Senior Geophysicist, Lundin (in collaboration with PGS)

  • Marine Seismic Source Directions in a World Increasingly Driven by Lower Cost, Lower Environmental Impact, and Higher Data Value
    - Andrew Long, Chief Scientist & Technology Analyst, PGS

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