South Africa | PGS Announces New Large-Scale 2D MultiClient Project

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This PGS regional-scale 2D GeoStreamer seismic survey will stretch 11 000 km, from the Namibian border to Cape Agulhas, covering large, untested areas and highly prospective reservoirs.

PGS is planning a large-scale 2D GeoStreamer exploration survey offshore South Africa, from the Namibian border to Cape Agulhas. The project will span 11 000 line km in a highly prospective area with proven source rocks and potential for significant discoveries. Prefunding partners will have a unique opportunity to influence the design, timing, and targets of the project.

Prospectivity for New Ventures

Modern 2D GeoStreamer data will help to unlock remaining potential from shallow to ultra-deep waters, and the multiple prospective plays that exist within the Orange Basin. This largely under-explored area has proven hydrocarbons and the potential for large discoveries, such as the recent Brulpadda in neighboring block 11B/12B.

Both oil and gas prone source rocks are present throughout, with hydrocarbon accumulations discovered in the Kudu and Ibhubesi gas condensate fields and the A-J oil field. Broadband imaging is expected to reveal large untested areas and highly prospective traps and reservoirs. Structural plays include growth-fault related structures, rotated fault blocks within the continental shelf, and stratigraphic plays with deepwater fans, turbidite sandstones and slope truncations prograding into the basin.

"In addition to providing an excellent basis for exploration decisions, this new South Africa dataset will provide a cost-effective solution for new ventures exploration in a proven prolific area," said Alex Vartan, VP AMME New Ventures for PGS.

Additional Library Coverage

PGS has over 26 000 line km of modern 2D GeoStreamer data offshore South Africa, acquired since 2014. Coverage extends from the Greater Outeniqua in the south through the Transkei Basin and into the Durban Basin in the east. This new acquisition will complement existing datasets and encourage the next phase of exploration offshore South Africa.

New 2D survey expands PGS data library offshore South Africa and compliments existing data sets.
Proposed 2D survey design in orange. Prefunders can influence line selection and orientation. The new survey expands and complements existing (blue) PGS data library coverage offshore South Africa


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