We’ve Got You Covered | Developing Work Programs for UKCS CO2 Storage Licenses

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PGS congratulates the latest UK CCS License recipients and offers valuable resources for CCS work programs.

Last week the North Sea Transition Authority (NSTA) awarded licenses for carbon storage on the UK continental shelf, marking a pivotal moment in the road towards achievement of UK net zero targets.

High-quality seismic data is essential to determine the level of uncertainty associated with a site and storage complex and the PGS data library offers excellent coverage of the areas awarded.

The PGS data library offers excellent coverage of the awarded areas with 3D GeoStreamer data and the brand new SNS Vision 3D dataset, providing an ideal resource for preparing CCS work programs.

Modern MultiClient data from PGS will help carbon storage companies to efficiently and cost-effectively evaluate potential storage locations. The data can be used to evaluate possible aquifers and assess abandoned or depleted gas fields.

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