Glossary Broadband Benefits for interpreters

wave imagewave image
  • Broadband data: Seismic data with an extended band of usable frequencies. GeoStreamer data is recorded from as low as 2.5 Hz up to 200 Hz. (Read more about GeoStreamer)

  • Compartmentalization: The geological segmentation of once continuous reservoirs into isolated compartments 

  • Cycle skip: When a mistie exceeds a full wavelet

  • Lead: A feature that provides a trapping geometry for hydrocarbons, identified within a play fairway (or otherwise). This is an opportunity that has not been fully evaluated, nor derisked technically or economically.

  • Mistie: A situation in the interpretation of seismic data in which predicted and actual values differ, or when an interpreted reflection does not close, or tie, when interpreting intersecting lines; or when interpreted seismic data do not match results of drilling a well. 

  • Seismic facies: Mappable, 3D seismic units composed of groups of reflections whose parameters differ from those of adjacent facies units

  • Sidelobes: The non-geological related events on either the side of a wavelet

  • Qualitative interpretation: Mapping the subsurface by marking laterally continuous reflectors and discontinuous events such as faults and stratigraphic pinch-outs

  • Quantitative interpretation: The application and integration of rock physics to predict reservoir parameters, such as lithology and pore fluids, from seismically derived attributes (Read more about reservoir characterization)