GeoStreamer Data Supports 79% of NCS Discoveries in 2020

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There were 14 oil or gas discoveries on the NCS in 2020. Four wells in the North Sea and seven in the Norwegian Sea were covered by GeoStreamer data, demonstrating that GeoStreamer technology delivers subsurface images with greater clarity, accuracy and reliability.

ConocoPhillips were awarded ‘Explorer of the Year 2020’ for three very successful discoveries on the NCS, two significant discoveries offshore Mid-Norway (Warka and Slagugle), and one small discovery in the North Sea (Enniberg), all drilled on GeoStreamer data.

11 out of 14 Discoveries on the NCS in 2020 were supported by GeoStreamer data.

Norwegian Sea

PGS data library coverage of the Norwegian Sea has been built up over several years of consistent acquisition using GeoStreamer technology and rejuvenated into GeoStreamer PURE. Earlier data vintages have been reprocessed and imaged in depth from original field data, using the same modern workflows to allow a unified interpretation approach through the entire volume.

The ConocoPhillips' Slagugle (PL891) oil discovery was the largest discovery of 2020 in Norway, with resource estimates between 75 and up to 200 MMBOE recoverable. GeoStreamer broadband data revealed the fault bounded Slagugle structure with Jurassic and Triassic reservoir potential on the footwall of the Revfallet Fault. The main petroleum system is characterized by a Jurassic source rock, charging individual Jurassic fluvial-deltaic to shallow marine sandstones and deep marine Cretaceous turbidites. Important fields and discoveries in this area comprise Skuld, Linerle, Skarv, Heidrun, Pil and Bue.

The Slagugle well discovered oil in Jurassic and Triassic sandstones in a tilted Sør High block straddling the Revfallet Fault Complex. Dataset PGS16909NWS.

North Sea

The North Sea has been an active and prolific hydrocarbon province for nearly 50 years, where frequent licensing rounds encourage an active exploration cycle. Since 2009 PGS has regularly augmented its data library with GeoStreamer surveys that carpet the region’s many different plays and reservoir levels. These provide clearer illumination of both shallow and deeper targets, helping asset teams reveal new plays hidden in this mature area.

One oil discovery in a mature area of the North Sea in 2020, 11 km southeast of Gudrun and 4 km southeast of Sigrun, is 15/3-12S. The well is located in PL025, in a block covered by GeoStreamer PURE, and is operated by Equinor. The play is the classic Upper Jurassic source rock driven petroleum system, in which Jurassic clastics provide the reservoirs. Despite the relative deep and small area features, conventional structural traps continue to be successful targets in the area which can be developed using existing infrastructure.

Well 15/3-12S discovered oil in several separate Hugin Formation reservoir zones in a tilted Jurassic fault block SE of the Gudrun field. Dataset PGS16910VIK

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