Introducing GeoStreamer PURE

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Built with 100% GeoStreamer data, each GeoStreamer PURE survey is a single contiguous dataset on the same grid, fully merged and depth processed with state-of-the-art workflows, delivering subsurface images with clarity, accuracy and reliability that is only possible with true broadband acquisition. 

In the coming months, PGS will introduce 100 000 square kilometers of new and re-worked GeoStreamer data in its Northwest Europe data library. GeoStreamer PURE brings advantages of regional perspective and reservoir detail to key hydrocarbon provinces offshore Norway and in the North Sea.

The latest MultiClient products are the culmination of a strategy PGS started in 2009, to re-image and revitalize the main fairways of the Norwegian continental shelf with GeoStreamer 3D. The process has gone faster than many thought possible.

Key Benefits

  • Added insight from GeoStreamer + advanced imaging
  • Explore regional structure, identify leads and develop prospects on the same dataset
  • Unified interpretation approach can be applied throughout each dataset
  • Variable size licensing to fit any project

Four GeoStreamer PURE volumes will be available for the Barents Sea, Norwegian Sea, and North Sea areas (Viking Graben and Central Graben). Each of these datasets offers an opportunity to explore regional context, predict where hydrocarbons are likely to lie, and then dive into the detail to derive reservoir properties and plan wells. This is data you can drill on.

A bold claim, but behind it are the unique characteristics of GeoStreamer data, combined with far-reaching improvements in data treatment and imaging. GeoStreamer technology revolutionized seismic acquisition, and true broadband data recorded with dual sensors in 2009 remains ultra-modern today. New analysis methods and imaging options continue to provide a myriad of exciting ways to exploit this data.

Access to massive compute power is driving processes we only could dream about a few years ago. It has enabled geophysicists to move from imaging in time, to imaging in depth as routine, and it has made a range of advanced depth-processing algorithms commercially viable. Full waveform inversion (FWI) is a good example. Once the stuff of researchers’ dreams FWI is now virtually a standard on large datasets. Separated wavefield imaging (SWIM) is another processing-intensive innovation that can radically improve illumination of certain imaging challenges.

By combining GeoStreamer data with the best imaging algorithms it is possible to predict reliable elastic properties away from the borehole. It is a known fact that well-control data is limited and spatially-biased, and thus presents a perennial challenge for reservoir geoscientists. Thanks to its broader prestack seismic frequency, GeoStreamer data enables more reliable prestack qualitative and quantitative interpretation workflows. This significantly improves subsurface understanding for delineating leads, de-risking a prospect or a new well location.

Pick your Polygon

PGS is intimately familiar with the geology and imaging challenges of the NCS, and our geophysicists are GeoStreamer experts. Applying this expertise, we have defined ideal workflows for each area, matching the imaging challenges against the arsenal in the PGS imaging toolkit.

  • Coverage in the Barents Sea is 10 038 sq. km, acquired recently over a large and previously unmapped sector
  • In the Norwegian Sea, we are currently reprocessing and merging 30 846 sq. km
  • In the North Sea Viking Graben we offer almost 18 000 sq. km, with a further 17 442 sq. km straddling the Central Graben's Norwegian, UK and Danish boundaries

GeoStreamer PURE represents an exciting new set of MultiClient products. Clients looking for regional scale can license entire volumes. Those that prefer a subset can simply define the polygon of interest.

This is a premium product that fits both exploration and asset teams, allowing them to start big and pursue plays and prospects down to the detail required to plan the first well, and beyond.

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