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Seeing is Believing | UHR3D

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New subsurface ultra-high-resolution 3D images give a glimpse of how efficiently acquired UHR3D geophysical data from PGS could revolutionize site characterization for the offshore wind industry.

Small-scale features of a few meters in size can easily be identified. Depending on the geological context, these could be boulders. In the image above, the feature highlighted within the circle is ca 5 meters in diameter. 

Ultra high-resolution 3D surveys provide high-quality geophysical data for constructing accurate ground models and identification of shallow geohazards.

High-quality information in all directions (inline, crossline, time slice) are critical for tracking large and small-scale geological features. UHR3D data can recover the very fine near-surface detail that is needed for successful ground modeling and site development.

Reading Between the Lines

Shallow site investigation and characterization typically relies on dense ultra-high resolution 2D seismic lines to identify the subsurface hazards. This leaves uncertainty between the lines. UHR3D seismic provides sampling, positioning, and imaging benefits beyond even the most densely acquired 2D surveys.

PGS can enable faster offshore wind development with UHR3D seismic data and processing.

PGS provides imaging of UHR3D seismic enhancing advanced processing technologies that were originally designed for conventional oil and gas seismic projects.

2D insights
3D understanding

2D provides some insights, but understanding of surface and subsurface geohazards remains limited due to poor spatial sampling. 3D data delivers the full picture.  Understand geohazards earlier and with greater certainty with ultra-high-resolution 3D (click / slide between the images above to compare).

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