4D Acquisition Repeatability

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How repeatable is towed-streamer 4D seismic? In the first of three webinars on 4D, Andrew Long addresses the geometry of how we acquire 4D surveys, and how well the source and receiver positions can be repeated. (PGS 2021)

Webinar - 4D Acquisition Repeatability

Based on knowing where all the source and receiver positions are in real-time, a model is maintained of where we would like them to be for each shot. The acquisition system then seeks to steer all source and receiver positions independently to match the model. Andrew takes us through the elements required for repeatability and also considers the benefits of multisensor streamers, drag reduction, and the role of digitalization in survey optimization.

Viewers should be familiar with the seismic method and have an interest in the monitoring of reservoir production using seismic data. No specialized knowledge of seismic processing and imaging is required.

Topic: 4D Repeatability | Speaker: Andrew Long, PGS | Duration: 20 minutes

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