Full Waveform Inversion | Bandwidth and Benefits for Interpretation

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Andrew Long concludes his three-part webinar series for geoscientists, providing a reality check on the limits of pushing FWI too far, and showcasing some of the emerging benefits for seismic interpretation. (PGS 2020)

Webinar - Full Waveform Inversion | Low and High Frequency Benefits for Interpretation

What level of background knowledge is assumed?

Basic knowledge of the reflection seismic method is necessary, including the relevance of velocity model building and seismic migration in the data processing workflow. The FWI webinar, The High-Level Story, should be watched first. This webinar is targeted at seismic interpreters who interact with seismic processing geophysicists. Some material also assumes a knowledge of reservoir characterization methods.

Topic: Full Waveform Inversion | Speaker: Andrew Long, PGS | Duration: 14 minutes

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