New Compliance Hotline

PGS has operated an external hotline service for reporting and investigating undesirable incidents since 2004. The PGS Compliance Hotline is an early warning system that reduces risks. It is part of a range of measures that foster high ethical standards to maintain employee, customer and public confidence in PGS.

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In 2018, we changed the provider and updated the functionality of our Compliance Hotline. The new service is run by WhistleB. It is entirely web-based and user-friendly. State-of-the-art security ensures GDPR compliance, encryption and password-protection functionality.

We replaced the old call center system, because research shows that people now preferred a web interface to talking to strangers about sensitive issues, and they may not be comfortable talking on the phone in a foreign language.

The new solution can be accessed via the internet from a smartphone, tablet or PC, anytime from anywhere in the world.

Anyone can report cases or suspicions of misconduct related to PGS. It is available for anybody who has concerns about actions or incidents involving PGS that are not in line with our values, violations of laws and regulations, or other ethical concerns that may seriously affect our organization or a person’s life or health. For employees, it provides an additional safety net and a route for dealing with issues that cannot be solved through the line.