Personal Data and Information Security

PGS takes its responsibilities seriously with regard to the management of personal data. Under the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) our responsibility for personal data covers all systems that store information about employees, suppliers, or customers. “Whenever we process Personal Data for employees and customers, we need to ensure their privacy rights are protected,” explains PGS Global Data Protection Officer Daphne Bjerke.

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Over the past two years, we have conducted a project to check that our systems and processes comply with the new requirements. A GDPR workgroup was established in 2016, including representatives from HR, Legal, Compliance and IT. Well within the deadline set by the European Union, we reviewed and revised all of our systems and met all the standard requirements to protect the personal data and privacy of our people and stakeholders.

We updated our internal data privacy requirements, which provide a guide to the collection, use, transfer (including transfer across international boundaries), release, disclosure, and security of Personal Data. These requirements also describe our expectations for third parties who process such data on our behalf. All the relevant information for PGS and our subsidiary companies is gathered in a newly created manual on personal data protection and binding corporate rules.

We established a GDPR hotline and a personal data protection website, available to all employees who have questions or believe might be affected by violations.