Coexistence with Fisheries

Across the globe, commercial use of the oceans is increasing. Whenever multiple parties are working in the same area, this brings challenges in terms of simultaneous operations and risk of interfering with each other’s activities. Coexisting with fisheries has always been priority for us. However, as commercial and artisanal fisheries have increased in both intensity and scale, we decided to critically review how we manage this challenge and how we can leverage new technology.

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In 2018, we have been looking at all phases of managing coexistence with fisheries, from planning of our surveys, consultation and socialization, detection of fishing vessels and equipment in the field, to optimal use of support and escort vessels to communicate and engage with those around us in the survey area. One key objective we identified was the improvement of our scouting abilities out on the oceans, to ensure we are aware of all vessels and fishing equipment located in the area. You can read more about a project to develop drones to enhance these capabilities in the Stakeholders section.