eSeismic – A New Way of Acquiring & Processing Seismic Data

A novel acquisition and processing method is currently under development in our research and development unit. The eSeismic method utilizes a source that outputs a continuous low level signal, as opposed to the impulsive signal from traditional seismic arrays. Existing equipment can be used to generate this signal, making the method immediately available for validation.

wave imagewave image

Measurements from a test survey done in Brazil proves that the sound pressure level (SPL) is reduced by about 20-22 dB, and the sound exposure level (SEL) is reduced by 8-9 dB. This contributes to further reduction of the risk of disturbance to life in the oceans from our operations. We also anticipate significant benefits in terms of acquisition efficiency. By completing a survey faster, we can reduce the time we spend in any given area. This is both a benefit to the environment, and also reduces the risk of interfering with the activities of other users of the same area, like commercial or artisanal fisheries. Benefits will come from wider coverage per sailline and slightly higher vessel speed.