Emergency Bracelets

PGS is proud to pioneer new technologies, especially when innovation and technology underpins our endeavor of improving the safety of our offshore personnel. We are currently supporting the development of an exciting idea from Dimeq AS, a Norwegian digital maritime equipment company. It is one that aims to digitalize and improve safety at sea. 

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Their product makes it easier to monitor and supervise offshore personnel in emergencies. This personal device is worn on the wrist by all crewmembers, and is capable of continuously tracking all individuals onboard a vessel in realtime, from embarkation to disembarkation. The system is activated in situations such as an evacuation, fire or man-overboard, including drills would and used to locate and account for individuals.

“Mustering and keeping track of crew during emergencies on board is very important, and equally challenging. This technology will make this part of handling an emergency situation a lot easier,” says Captain Roger Honningdal, Operations Risk Manager.

By allowing the developer to test these devices onboard one of our seismic vessels, and supporting their ideas with our operational experience, we can see how this innovative idea works in the field. If it performs well in practice, we hope it can improve the standard of safety for our industry.


PGS Emergency Bracelet Diagram