HSEQ Strategy

Maintain and modernize our “No Compromise” safety culture and remain compliant in all aspects of HSEQ.

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Exposure Reduction Culture Development Digital Transformation

To identify, develop and implement technology and ways of working that eliminate or reduce exposure to health, safety and security risks, environmental impact and quality failures.

To institutionalize a self-sustaining culture of safe behavior and quality driven by openness of reporting, positive intervention and learning from every incident and lesson identified.

To implement modern digital tools, systems and ways of working that improve risk awareness and management hile minimizing bureaucracy and administrative burdens.

  • Identify, develop and implement novel technology and ways of working that reduce offshore exposure.
  • Implement a corporate quality management system around the Project Execution Model.
  • Develop and implement a perpetual safety culture program.
  • Build a strong quality culture program around the Project Excellence initiative.
  • Implement a modern safety management system that leverages modern digital solutions.
  • Identify ways of digitizing and visualizing HSEQ data and information.
  • Identify ways of performing remote inspections, audits and verifications.