Protecting Health, Safety and Security for Our People

Revised Strategy - The company reorganization inspired us to streamline our approach to Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ). We evaluated our HSEQ objectives and restructured them to maintain and modernize our “no compromise” safety culture while ensuring continued compliance in all aspects of HSEQ. The three main pillars of the new, simplified HSEQ strategy are:

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  • Exposure reduction – identify, develop and implement technology and ways of working that eliminate or reduce exposure to health, safety and security risks, environmental impact and quality failures.
  • Culture development – institutionalize a self-sustaining culture of safe behavior and quality, driven by openness of reporting, positive intervention and learning from every incident and lesson identified.
  • Digital transformation – implement modern digital tools, systems and ways of working that improve risk awareness and management while minimizing bureaucracy and administrative burdens.

The revised strategy will be implemented company-wide during 2019.

Health Risk Assessments and Medical Emergency Preparedness

Last year, we continued our efforts to strengthen our medical expertise and provide our people with an advanced medical support system, with evacuation and repatriation services.

We develop a Medical Emergency Response Plan (MERP) for every work location and transit route. The MERP provides steps for the movement of an ill or injured person from the moment they leave our vessel, through the nearest level of upgraded care, to a definitive medical care facility.

In addition, we conduct a Health Risk Assessment (HRA) prior to every project in high-risk areas. The HRA determines the risk level of the upcoming operation and the exposure to potential and existing medical and/or work environment health hazards.

Together, the HRA and the MERP ensure that we have proactive management of health risks and an efficient and reliable response is provided in all cases of medical emergency offshore. This allows us to evacuate a crewmembers from anywhere in the world, provide them with a high standard of medical care, and get them home safely.