Working in the New Organization

PGS has monitored employee satisfaction, motivation and loyalty regularly for over a decade through our biannual global people survey. To gauge the effect of the 2018 reorganization on employees, the management elected to carry out a new survey just 12 months after the last.

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Monitoring differences in motivation and satisfaction and managing meaningful improvements are the main reasons for conducting a global people survey. Corporate leaders track overall findings, while detailed reports are distributed to line managers, so they can plan how to address any issues within their team.

Employee participation in this year’s survey was 92%, which is an all-time high. Broad participation is important to the validity of the results and the effectiveness of any actions generated.

Participation is voluntary and anonymous. Over the last few years, PGS has used the Ennova Employee Index (EEI) as a benchmark; this index is widely used around the globe. The survey aims to answer two central questions:

  • How satisfied, motivated and loyal is a given group of employees?
  • How does a manager create satisfaction, motivation and loyalty in this group of employees?

Overall Trends

Despite the significant recent organizational changes, the employee engagement results are stable, and loyalty, especially, is still strong. In fact, PGS results on this score remain strong compared with the oil and gas benchmark group. Scores for 'immediate manager' are also high.

However, there are variations and signals that we still have a way to go in some parts of the organization before we can put the change process behind us.

The solid trust demonstrated in the scores for the immediate manager, and loyalty scores show that PGS has a good base to work on going forward.

Next Steps

The initial report is a positive testament to the willingness of PGS employees to give honest feedback. This is further demonstrated by the high response rate.

The most important part of the survey process will be the analysis and action conducted locally. Management at all levels will engage with their employees to understand and act upon their unit’s results.

PGS will continue to build and nurture teams, developing the skills and alliances that are required to make the organization a success and focusing on our strategic goals. We continue our commitment to communicating and listening, of which the survey is one important element.