Continous improvement of our Anti-Corruption program

We aim to continually improve our anti-corruption program and are always on the lookout for better ways to stop/fight/prevent corruption. During the past year we made a number of improvements.

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We streamlined and simplified our anticorruption manual, making it easier for managers and employees to read and find what they need. We also automated more of our compliance work, including the due diligence process for our business partners where we introduced automated annual confirmations.

On the training front, we introduced a nanolearning program to ensure that we maintain the high level of awareness amongst our employees. It provides employees with very short lessons over several months, to enhance and embed the learning effect. This complements our existing extensive anti-corruption training for new employees and in-person training for people in exposed roles.

It is many years since PGS established its anticorruption program. To assess the design and functioning of the program, we commissioned an independent external company to compare our program to an internationally recognized standard (ISO) on anti-bribery management. They carried out a gap analysis and concluded that the PGS program is strong and well-functioning. However, as we also hoped, it also gave us some ideas for improvements that we can make in the coming years.