Increasing economic productivity – reducing turnaround time

Using our pioneering spirit, we will collaborate with the energy industry and lead the way in the search for new resources. This is our corporate vision and our goal is to help our clients meet the challenge of growing energy demand in the most efficient way possible. To maximize the benefit for our clients, we must continue to listen carefully to their needs and serve them better than our competition does.

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Cycle time is a hot topic in our industry. Our clients are asking us to shorten the turnaround time from planning a survey to delivering the data. That requires close cooperation with the clients and an integrated process for acquisition and imaging. By planning both together, we can do more of these phases in parallel to significantly shorten the total project time.

Over the next three years, PGS aims to significantly reduce turnaround time from the start of formal project planning to the delivery of final products, by combining quick wins and more significant changes to work-processes and technology. Reduced project turnaround is linked to strategy targets and new project execution models.

Several full-scale pilot projects have demonstrated that detailed project planning and project delivery schedules pay off in streamlined change management and commercial discipline. On time critical projects, we aim to reliably reduce project turnaround by 50% by the end of 2021.