The health and safety of our employees and business partners, and sustaining our operations with minimal disruption are the key priorities for PGS in these severely challenging times.

PGS has monitored the developments closely since the outbreak of COVID-19 and taken prompt and proactive actions to manage the situation as it affects our business. We operate in compliance with all national and international authorities and regulations regarding implemented restrictions on travel, quarantine, and isolation. We are supported by our medical and security services provider, International SOS, and work closely with our industry network and clients to ensure we have the best situational awareness and response.

To date, PGS has no confirmed cases of COVID-19 on its vessels or onshore locations.

We have implemented a range of mitigating measures include travel-risk mitigation, office and business continuity, awareness and emergency preparedness, and monitoring of relevant information sources.


  • Limited travel by PGS employees to strictly business-critical journeys
  • Monitoring of all travel by a dedicated travel-risk management team
  • No travel if symptoms of respiratory infection or fever
  • Mandatory 14-day quarantine after traveling
  • Pre-travel screening of all employees, third parties and visitors to PGS locations and vessels 
  • On-arrival screening for PGS vessels, including body temperature
  • Postponed imminent crew changes until further notice

Office and Business Continuity

  • Implemented homeworking at each location, as advised by the relevant national public health authority 
  • Reviewed business continuity plans for all locations and operations
  • Completed 'COVID-19 Outbreak' emergency response tabletop exercises at each location
  • Canceled all physical conferences and events
  • Limited in-person meetings to business-critical and only with precautions in place
  • Activated PGS Emergency Response organization 
  • Dialog initiated with flag state, class society, and other statutory authorities regarding extension of certificates, mandatory inspections, and audits

Awareness | Preparedness | Outbreak Management 

  • Activated infectious disease outbreak management (IDOM) procedures for all operations
  • Identified and prepared isolation cabins on vessels and prepared sickbays
  • Stringent protocols introduced for isolation, evacuation, and containment in the event of a suspected case on a vessel
  • Regular information issued to all employees on preventive measures and measures in force
  • Regular awareness sessions with the medic on vessels
  • Dedicated contact number for medical advice from International SOS for all employees

Resources & Links

In addition to the support of medical and security services provider International SOS, and cooperation with our industry network and clients, we monitor information sources relevant to our operations from dedicated covid-19 information pages.