Norwegian Sea MegaSurvey

A new baseline for large-scale screening and interpretation offshore mid-Norway. 

wave imagewave image

The Norwegian Sea MegaSurvey includes 20 000 sq. km of Geostreamer data, seven interpreted horizons, and rock physics modeling of ten fixed wells from the rockAVO atlas.

Regional Evaluation and Lead to Prospect Assessment

The MegaSurvey consists of over ten years of PGS-acquired 3D seismic data – matched and merged with publicly available 3D surveys, united on a common master grid of approximately 100 000 sq. km. Coverage is regularized and includes stand-alone surveys matched using 2D lines.

A Coherent and Seamless Dataset Uplifted by GeoStreamer Data

The addition of a suite of GeoStreamer surveys and a new interpretation package offers high-quality regional mapping and fresh potential.

2022 MegaSurvey

GeoStreamer inclusion expands coverage and uplifts data quality.

The MegaSurvey covers a variety of structural elements, such as the Utgard High, Vigrid Syncline, Dønna Terrace, Revfallet Fault Complex, and part of the Nordland Ridge. The GeoStreamer data added to this updated MegaSurvey provides high-quality, high-resolution seismic images that enable the mapping of complex fault zones and deep sections below the Base Cretaceous.

An arbitrary line over the Norwegian Sea showing key horizons. 

Ten Wells Included in the rockAVO Atlas for the Norwegian Sea MegaSurvey

rockAVO provides consistent petrophysical logs, rock physics models, and interactive seismic AVA modeling capabilities for each of the ten wells in the Atlas.

E&P companies can access part of the homogeneous database of interpreted well logs, making it possible to analyze the seismic signature (full stack with the MegaSurvey) based on different fluid and matrix property perturbations.


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