GeoStreamer PURE

Central Graben

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Imaging is significantly improved, including Middle to Late Jurassic source rocks, individual Jurassic fluvial-deltaic to shallow marine sandstones, Late Cretaceous to Paleocene chalk and sandstones, and intra-Jurassic to Paleocene claystone.

Key fields in the area are Ula, Gyda, Ekofisk, Eldfisk, and Valhall, with discoveries: King Lear, and Mjølner.

  • Easier to explore the regional structure, identify leads and develop prospects
  • Aids understanding with excellent depth data and outstanding resolution of shallows
  • Reveals a new play Permo-Carboniferous 
  • Combines reservoir detail with regional scale on ~23 000 sq. km of GeoStreamer data


From north to south, our Central Graben dataset covers Gert Ridge over the Gertrud Graben, Piggvar Terrace and Mandal High, Søgne Basin, the Coffee Soil Fault complex, Heno Plateau, the Tail End Graben, and Ringkøbing Fyn High. Nine fields and discoveries in Late Jurassic sandstones, Cretaceous chalk, and limestones are tied to this dataset: parts of Elgin-Franklin, Puffin, Gyda, King Lear, Flyndre, Ekofisk, Valhall, Bertel, and parts of Valdemar. A new Permo-Carboniferous play is revealed.

There are many geological targets in the area. The main petroleum system is characterized by Middle to Late Jurassic source rock and individual Jurassic fluvial-deltaic to shallow marine sandstones, plus Late Cretaceous to Paleocene chalk and sandstones, sealed by intra-Jurassic to Paleocene claystone.


Imaging routines have been applied to target the Paleocene and Cretaceous chalk, middle to late Jurassic, and the Permian and Triassic. Permian eolian sands are particularly well-imaged by a workflow that has included.

• 3D surface-related multiple elimination
• High-resolution radon demultipler
• 3D TTI anisotropic Kirchhoff depth migration

GeoStreamer PURE delivers more low and high frequencies, superior structural resolution and definition, and reliable data for AVO/AVA attribute analysis.