Seismically Guided Inversion

Seismically guided anisotropic 2.5D and 3D inversions of Towed Streamer EM data significantly improve the lateral and vertical resolution of resistivity anomalies, adding further value to the complementary seismic and EM data through integration of the two.
wave imagewave image

Seismically-guided inversion, Alta NorwayAnisotropic 2.5D Towed Streamer EM inversion from Alta seismically-guided using dual sensor GeoStreamer data

Seismically guided inversion of heavy oil fields in the North SeaSeismically guided 2.5D inversion of Towed Streamer EM data over the Bressay and Bentley fields, utilizing dual sensor GeoStreamer data

Troll oil and gas fields, guided inversion, North Sea.Guided inversion of Towed Streamer EM data acquired over Troll oil and gas fields