Benefits of Adding Towed Streamer EM Data

Adding EM data to seismic increases exploration success. Integrating data from both technologies aids analysis and improves understanding, to help asset teams improve their ranking of prospects and reduce drilling risk.

wave imagewave image

More Accurate Data

  • Improved resolution and accuracy of inversions
  • High quality and data density due to acquisition method using dense shot and receiver spacing
  • Higher signal-to-noise ratio as towed receivers are less sensitive to localized anomalies on the seabed

Increase Exploration Success

The maximum value is achieved by integrating seismic data with high-density EM data and applying seismically guided inversion.

  • Improves resolution and characterization of deeper and more challenging structures
  • More accurate imaging of highly resistive reservoirs including carbonates 
  • Estimate hydrocarbon saturation and monitor over time (4D)
  • Estimate hydrocarbon volume in place