PGS Ultima

A simultaneous inversion that delivers a superior velocity model, the highest quality reflectivity image, and an accurate density model.

wave imagewave image
  • Velocity model is optimized by simultaneous iterative updates to reflectivity model 
  • Reflectivity model is optimized by simultaneous iterative updates to velocity model 
  • Can accelerate the delivery of accurate velocity and seismic reflectivity products 
  • It is possible to bypass many time-consuming pre-migration processing steps 
  • Suitable for streamer and OBN datasets 
  • Outputs: velocity model, reflectivity model, and density model 

Ultima is equivalent to performing FWI (Full Waveform Inversion) and LSM (Least-Squares Migration) in a single framework. It delivers an accurate velocity model and reflectivity model in an accelerated timeframe.

A novel implementation of the acoustic wave equation removes any assumption of a prior density model. This equation is used for both forward modeling in the FWI component and for reflectivity updates in the LSM component.

No assumptions are made about starting density or velocity models. It is applicable to data from all marine seismic acquisition platforms. Inputs are a simple velocity model and preconditioned shot gathers.

A relative density model can also be generated from the velocity and reflectivity models, courtesy of the unique formulation used for modeling and inversion. 
With faster access to key products, asset teams have more time to analyze the data to understand and reduce risk in field exploration, development, or production. 

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