High-Capability Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

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OFG's autonomous underwater vehicles use state-of-the-art sensors, precise navigation and terrain-following algorithms. Flexible operations and support services are available for turnkey solutions that include vessel, AUV, equipment and people, and rapid mobilization on client's vessels.

For over a decade OFG has been integrating and deploying custom sensors, including their proprietary integrated cathodic protection, self-compensating magnetometer, 3D self-potential, and environmental sensors.  

Solutions are Tailored to Targets and Project Requirements

  • Site surveys for geohazard, clearance, and detailed mapping
  • Route surveys
  • Pipeline inspection
  • Seafloor mineral exploration
  • Seafloor search
  • Environmental baseline surveys
  • Decommissioning and unexploded ordnance (UXO) and underwater munitions 


OFG offers flexible commercial and technology solutions, global expertise and experience, and state-of-art sensors and technology that includes proprietary electric and magnetic sensing systems. 

AUV launch.


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