Amplitude preserving 3D, 4D and 5D regularization

wave imagewave image
3D seismic data can be regularized in a five-dimensional space, with four spatial coordinates (for example midpoint-x, midpoint-y, offset and azimuth) and time. PGS can regularize 3D pre-stack data using the exact locations of the input data.
  • Amplitude preserving protection of all frequencies: regularization weights derived from lower, unaliased frequencies are used to unwrap spatially aliased higher frequencies
  • Data can be output to any user-specified location
  • Regularized data improves migration quality by removing imaging swing noise.

A proprietary anti-leakage Fourier transform (ALFT) reconstructs irregularly sampled input data in the Fourier domain, and then uses an inverse transform to produce regularized data at new locations.

Before regularization
After regularization

Six azimuths of GeoStreamer X data before and after 5D regularization (inline, crossline, offset, azimuth, time). The 5D regularization recovers missing data and provides the platform for higher fidelity broadband imaging in all successive stages of a processing flow.

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