Advanced Seismic Modeling and Planning Software

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Nucleus+ is the industry leader for pre-survey airgun source modeling and elastic synthetic seismic modeling of marine seismic surveys. This automates many modeling-related tasks and analyses.
  • Calibrated source modeling engine regularly updated for all commercially popular airgun models
  • Most comprehensive marine seismic modeling and survey planning package
  • Accommodates all towed-streamer and seafloor seismic geometries, including real navigation data


Each of the modeling tools in the Nucleus+ package incorporates the full acquisition-system response (source wavefields + receiver geometry + acquisition hardware) for any given survey. All seismic wavefield propagation effects can be included, frequency-dependent AVA (amplitude-versus-angle reflectivity can be predicted, and all towed-streamer and seafloor sensor deployments can be simulated. Well data, bathymetry, gridded seismic velocity models, and various interpretation attributes can be used to guide 1D, 2D, and 3D model building.

The calibrated source modeling tools in Nucleus+ are licensed to many service companies and energy companies. They include all source and receiver directivity effects in the emitted wavefield, and can accurately predict the received sound levels (sound pressure level, SPL; sound exposure level, SEL) for environmental considerations.

Simulated and real navigation data can be used in combination with accurate global tidal and transport ocean current databases to predict streamer feathering and survey infill as a function of acquisition geometry, location and time, and guide proactive infill management strategies during survey execution.

Customized Modeling for Local Survey Conditions

Pre-survey planning should begin with a combination of robust calculations regarding the required temporal and spatial sampling of the source and receiver wavefields, and the necessary source-receiver offset and azimuth sampling for the average geological characteristics of the survey area.

Nucleus+ is the key platform to model source characteristics, and to pursue complementary 1D, 2D and 3D synthetic modeling customized to the survey geology for both kinematic and dynamic seismic wavefield characteristics. Kinematic modeling pertains to raypath geometry and travel time variations only and provides insights into the appropriate acquisition geometry parameters. Dynamic modeling also elastic wavefront properties within scattered seismic wavefields and is recommended whenever amplitude-based subsurface characterization will be critical or if expensive multi-vessel or seafloor seismic surveys are likely to be required for subsalt imaging.

Modeling of synthetic seismic data using earth models representative of the survey geology will help understand the significance of different acquisition geometry parameters. Comparison to suitable real seismic data, if appropriate data is available for reprocessing and parameter testing, will add confidence to the decisions made. Nucleus+ can also predict the received sound levels for different acquisition platforms.

Nucleus+ source output modeling showing 3D frequency-dependent variations in emitted wavefield directivity with different source sub-array separations.


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