Steerable Streamers

eBirds Enable Control of Receiver Positions

wave imagewave image
Tri-wing eBirds, integrated in the GeoStreamer, enable depth and lateral steering control with minimal drag. Safety is improved, positioning is more accurate, and reservoir monitoring is more repeatable.
  • Better accuracy with depth and lateral steering control
  • Low drag, slim-line system is fully integrated within the GeoStreamer body, minimizing turbulence and guaranteeing low noise even during line turns
  • Better control of streamer feathering – typically automated within ± 3 degrees
  • Maximum availability of Common Midpoint (CMP) offset-class traces for matching source and receiver positions during reservoir monitoring (4D) data processing

Streamer fanning can minimize infill during acquisition. Other benefits include improved safety during deployment, retrieval, and in-sea maintenance. 

This Kongsberg eBird is specially designed for the GeoStreamer and offers effective lateral steering and depth control of seismic streamers with a minimum of additional acoustic noise. This uniform three-wing solution and the built-in controller also provide full roll control capabilities, with eBirds mounted every 300 m along the streamers. Feather correction achievable is typically two to three degrees.

Three-wing eBirds provide lateral steering and depth control of GeoStreamer equipment on all PGS vessels.

The eBird solution is built on an inline body and has three detachable wings (above). The snap-on/snap-off mechanism makes attachment/removal of wings an easy task both during streamer deployment/retrieval and work-boat maintenance. eBird bodies remain on the GeoStreamer when reeled onto the vessel, and wings are easily stowed on the back deck.

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