Acquisition Configurations and Targets

wave imagewave image
  • Shallow sources and receivers (2 – 4 m)  
  • 8 – 24 short streamers 50-100 m in length
  • 6.25 –12.5 m streamer separation and receiver intervals of 3.125 – 6.25 m
  • Recording sample rates down to 0.25 ms
  • Source frequencies >1000 Hz 

High Maneuverability Shallow Tow Depth

P-Cable is towed from a smaller vessel. When combined with the very short streamers, high maneuverability makes P-Cable an optimal solution for congested survey areas. Also, the shallow source and receiver tow depths used in P-Cable surveys (2 – 4 m) make it attractive for shallow water surveying.

Towed P-Cable streamer spreads use 8 to 24 short streamers towed at 6.25 –12.5 m separation. Each streamer is 50-100 m in length and uses receiver intervals of 3.125 – 6.25 m. Recording sample rates are as small as 0.25 ms. Source frequencies beyond 1000 Hz enable UHR imaging of the near-surface.

Designed for Smaller Areas and Complex Targets

Detailed UHR3D data is ideal for smaller areas and complex targets, such as highly fractured, thin, or compartmentalized formations. For the highest spatial resolution, P-cable data will typically focus on the 50 – 150 m offset range, while for offshore wind farms the offsets are more typically 10 – 100 m.

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