High-Res Magnetic Mapping

Hypermag and Self-Compensating Magnetometer



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The self-compensating magnetometer is the industry-leading sensor for high-res magnetic mapping, Hypermag is the next-generation solution.
  • Magnetic gradiometer provides directional field and gradient information 
  • Flexible geometry tailored to the survey objective 
  • SCM is efficiently operated from AUV, ROV or active towfish
  • Hypermag is a multi-vector gradiometer that deploys multiple magnetometers in an array

Self-compensating Magnetometer

High-resolution magnetic data is automatically compensated and corrected to remove the effects of the vehicle in the magnetic field. Applications include exploration and geological mapping, seafloor site survey and hazard detection, UXO detection, seafloor search, and ship signature management.

Next-generation Magnetic Sensor

The OFG Hypermag is a multi-vector gradiometer that deploys multiple magnetometers in an array to acquire data with a combined sensitivity of 4pTrms/√Hz. An evolution of OFG’s self-compensating magnetometer, the Hypermag offers scalable arrays which can be synchronized across multiple sensors and applies algorithms to compensate and remove the magnetic effects of the subsea vehicle in real time. 

The system is available in 1000 m or 6000 m depth-rated versions for tight integration into a subsea platform, avoiding the operational and navigation problems associated with multi-body and soft line tows behind the subsea vehicle. Improved sensitivity and discrimination of magnetic signatures are made possible by combining multiple 3-vector sensors to measure total field, gradients, and magnetic vectors in multiple geometries.

Applications include pipeline tracking and depth of burial, cable tracking and depth of burial, unexploded ordnance (UXO) detection, and archaeology.

3D resistivity model derived from the OFG SCM.


Hypermag ready to be deployed from the vessel back deck.

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