Optimizing Operational Performance & Safety

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Digitalization is changing how we work. PGS collects and feeds data from all its seismic vessels into a powerful contextualization engine powered by Cognite Data Fusion.
  • Best practices are shared upwards and across the fleet
  • Optimized training for crews is reinforced through integrated simulators 
  • Digital dashboards enable automation and reduce risks 
  • CO2 emissions are reduced, equipment life is extended, and material waste and HSEQ risks are reduced

Digital Dashboards Harness Liberated Operational Data

By liberating the data we are able to unlock new insights to further improve fleet safety and efficiency. Digital dashboards have been developed to monitor and manage vessel speed, fuel and energy consumption, towing loads, data quality attributes and HSE risks. Technology durability and performance lessons are improving, along with survey performance. Vessel and equipment maintenance scheduling can now be done on demand based on factual indicators. Other areas benefiting from digitalization include proactive prevention of certain HSEQ events and the detailed reporting of CO2 emissions.

Digital Twins with Immersive Simulators Reduce Risk

At our digital-twin onshore training facility, we have built full-scale immersive simulators for the Ramform back deck, control room, and bridge. Linked engine room and support-vessel bridge simulators are also available. In the simulator environment, crews practice complex operations and train for challenging weather and environmental conditions. They can also collaborate on emergency response scenarios, together with teams in Oslo and elsewhere. 

Support vessel simulator for crews to practice complex operations and interactions with Ramform seismic vessels, such as crew changes, and bunkering at sea.

The bridge simulator is linked to the seismic back-deck simulator, instrument room simulator, and engine control room simulator at a facility near Oslo, Norway. The center also includes an integrated support vessel bridge simulator for training in complex operations.

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