Ramform Tethys

24 steerable streamers and 6 steerable sources.

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Ramform Tethys represents an enormously stable platform with outstanding seakeeping characteristics, that is capable of taking full advantage of our GeoStreamer technology. This Titan-class ship has the flexibility to encompass virtually any acquisition design. Safety, quality, and productivity are the best in the industry.

Ramform Tethys - Seismic Vessel

Power, tow density, and redundancy are the keys to maximizing high-quality seismic data production. Ramform Tethys delivers them all. Mutually redundant twin engine rooms provide a total power pack of 26.4 Megawatts to drive three 6000 kW controlled pitch propellers: she can tow a full spread of multisensor recording equipment using just two of them.

This Ramform Titan-class vessel has 24 streamer reels, 16 abreast with a further 8 in a second row. This permits flexibility and efficient acquisition of high-volume exploration 3D, or high-density 3D or 4D, and anything in between. The back deck layout is augmented by six independent source array handling booms. Together this arsenal of equipment enables faster deployment and recovery, with increased flexibility and safety, making it possible to fully utilize the operational weather window. Steerable sources and streamers, and automated gear-handling systems further contribute to the flexibility and effectiveness of this flagship vessel. 

Two stern-launched work boats permit safe streamer maintenance also in marginal weather. Maritime and seismic equipment maintenance can increasingly be carried out at sea without impairing operations. Dry-docking interval is 7.5 years.

In normal operating mode, Ramform Tethys is equipped with 16 streamers, though she is capable of towing 24 streamers if required.


Vessel Specifications

Owner: PGS Maritime operator: PGS
Flag: Norway Port of registry: Oslo
Built: MHI, Nagasaki, Japan, 2016 Vessel classification: DNV
Length: 104.2 m Width: 70 m
Streamers: Up to 24 Draft: 6.4 m