Ramform Vanguard

18 steerable streamers for high-density 4D operations.

wave imagewave image
This V-class Ramform was designed and built for high-density advanced seismic operations and has delivered excellent results in all regions of the world.

Ramform Vanguard is regularly a part of the active fleet and is equipped for high-density 4D operations. She is fully equipped with multisensor, broadband GeoStreamer® acquisition technology.

Ramform Vanguard - Seismic Vessel

Vessel Specifications

Owner: PGS Maritime operator: PGS
Flag: Norway Port of registry: Oslo
Built: Langsten S&B, Norway 1998 Vessel classification: DNV
Length: 86.2 m Width: 39.6 m
Streamers: Up to 18 Draft: 7.3 m