4D Processing Workflows

PGS has 4D-compliant imaging solutions to suit all projects.

wave imagewave image
Each workflow achieves the required quality within the desired timeframe. Time or depth migrated images can be delivered for all vintages.

Ultra-fast track 4D processing

4D processing starts onboard, then 4D binning and subsequent processing steps are performed onshore and usually includes post-stack imaging. Typical delivery timeframe is 4 weeks after last shot.

Fast-track 4D processing

This fast-track is akin to a full integrity processing flow done with maximum efficiency. Typical delivery timeframe is 8 to 12 weeks after last shot.

Full integrity 4D co-processing

Our full-integrity workflow is a state-of-the-art sequence. Vintages are processed in parallel to achieve the best repeatability in a global sense. Delivery timeframe depends on the number and size of the surveys.

Full integrity 4D sequential

For three or more time-lapses, successive vintages can be co-processed two-by-two, minimizing the difference between pairs of successive vintages. This is the most time-consuming approach to full integrity 4D processing.

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