Digital Transformation Accelerates Strategy Execution

PGS began its digital transformation in 2019. First steps were to establish a digital transformation team responsible for overseeing and advising on the digital transformation processes and electing Google Cloud as its preferred cloud provider.

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The Company identified a set of target areas and initiatives for digital transformation to enable change across the business, improve sustainability, reduce costs and increase efficiency, including:

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  • PGS Solis - A cloud-based sales platform that enables new sales models and allow clients to collaborate on high-quality data and achieve faster decisions and subsurface insights.
  • PGS Eos - Enabling faster processing and imaging of seismic data, using automated workflows and cloud scalability. Project focus can vary from cost, or carbon footprint to project turnaround targets, and harnesses machine learning and artificial intelligence.
  • PGS Digital Factory - A suite of initiatives to deliver on the PGS strategy and create tangible value by enabling Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence to optimize costs, track trends, improve predictability and performance, reduce project turnaround time, and reveal commercial opportunities.