MultiClient Data in the Cloud | PGS Solis

Access and act on data in the cloud
Data management as a service (DMaaS)
Flexible subscription models

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PGS has developed a cloud-based data delivery and access system, where clients can view samples and license MultiClient data. PGS Solis also enables new business opportunities such as services to manage client data in the cloud platform. In December 2021, PGS signed its first milestone multi-year Data Management as a Service (DMaaS) agreement with a major customer. Under the agreement PGS will provide a cloud-based digital data asset management solution allowing the client to store, manage and access subsurface data they have licensed from PGS. The DMaaS service seamlessly connects the end user to seismic data, with anytime access to view and download entitled data into their work environments.

PGS Solis builds and expands on Versal, a cross-industry collaboration that provides a unified ecosystem for accessing MultiClient seismic data from PGS, TGS and CGG, thereby giving access to three of the world’s largest MultiClient libraries via a single log-in. In 2022 PGS will continue to develop PGS Solis further, capitalizing on customer feedback from Versal. Ultimately, these initiatives will open new commercial models and opportunities, such as applying machine learnings and artificial intelligence for deeper subsurface insights.

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