Meet PGS at PETEX. Stop by our booth to catch the latest updates on our MultiClient Data Library, our leading-edge imaging solutions, reservoir services, and pioneering marine acquisition technologies.

Talk with our experts about:

  • Lebanon 2nd Licensing Round
  • Ghana licensing
  • European exploration targets
  • Western Egypt, Frontier Exploration  
  • Seismic offshore West Africa 


Technical program

Tuesday 27 November
  • 13:30 The Coherence Function as a Quality Control for Multiple Modeling, presented by M. Bekara, Poster Session  Three 
  • 14:30 Least-Squares Full Wavefield Migration for Shallow Geohazard Analysis: a North Sea OBC Case Study, presented by Tony Martin, Hall One 
  • 14:45 Quantitative Interpretation of Chalk Reservoirs for Lithology and Fluids Prediction - Integrating Regional Rock Physics and Multicomponent Broadband Seismic Analysis, presented by Cyrille Reiser, Poster Session Two
  • 15:15 A New Approach for Taper Design in a 3D FK Filter, presented by M. Bekara, Poster Session Three 
  • 16:10 True Multiple Adaptive Subtraction, presented by Yi-Jie Liu, Poster Session Three 
Wednesday 28 November
  • 10:00 Successes, Challenges and Future Opportunities in the Pre-Salt Kwanza & Benguela Basins of Angola; Predicting where the Best Oil Charged Reservoirs Might be Found, (PGS / Sonangol) presented by Pierre Le Barbanchon, Hall Two 
  • 14:00 Imaging and Evaluating Complex Pre-Salt Carbonate Environments: An Eastern Mediterranean Sea Velocity Model Build Case Study, presented by Marcus Bell, Hall Two 
  • 15:00 Why is Everyone Excited about the Sao Tome and Principe Eez; The 4 Key Reasons Why this was One of the Hottest Areas for Exploration in 2017, presented by Matt Tyrrell, Poster Session Two 
  • 16:00 Unveiling Near-Field Potential through Reliable Pre-Stack Broadband Attributes: An Integrated Case Study from the Tertiary Injectite Play in the North Sea Viking Graben, presented by Noémi Pernin, Main Auditorium 
  • 16:15 Poster: Velocity Model Building Over Complex Geological Regimes: A Case Study Using an Iterative Velocity Model Inversion Approach, presented by X. Jiang, Poster Session Three 
  • 17:00 A New 4D Approach to Compensate Illumination Differences of Non-Repeated Time-Lapse Acquisitions, presented by Didier Lecerf, Hall One
  • 17:15 The Underexplored Shelf-Edge Plays of the West Africa Transform Margin and the Opportunity to De-Risk these on Merged 3D Seismic and Well Datasets Through Togo, Benin and Western Nigeria, presented by Matt Tyrrell, Poster Session Two.


International Pavilion

PGS will support various activities in the International Pavilion at PETEX, including various scheduled talks linked to ongoing or imminent licensing rounds:

Tuesday 27th November
  • 14:00 - Offshore Lebanon Prospectivity and the 2nd License Round, Wissam Chbat, Head of Geology & Geophysics and Board Member, Lebanese Petroleum Administration
  • 15:30 - Overview and Prospectivity of Ghana License Round, Christine Roche, Project Geoscientist, PGS
Wednesday 28th November 
  • 15:00 - Egypt’s West Mediterranean Sea – An Exploration Opportunity, Matthew Pyett, Project Geoscientist, PGS

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