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PGS and TGS have merged to form a pioneering data and services company in the energy sector, serving customers across the energy value chain and positioning itself as a strategic partner for energy companies. Explore our vision. 

SEG 2020

PGS will deliver a host of presentations about our latest marine acquisition and imaging developments and innovations at the SEG Annual Meeting, this year held virtually on 11-16 October 2020. 

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Efficiency and productivity is a core PGS theme at SEG 2020, with a focus on better ways to apply full wavefield FWI, least-squares migration, and QI, as well as optimizing our towed streamer platform, multisensor 4D acquisition, and machine learning applications for future automation of key seismic processing steps. 

Environmental responsibility also features in PGS contributions, with presentations on managing marine seismic surveys according to prescribed sound level thresholds and latest insights of using continuous wavefield acquisition with low-power air gun sources.

On Wednesday 14 October at 08:30 am, CEO Rune Olav Pedersen will take part in The Business Climate of the Oil and Gas Service Sector plenary session. Rune, alongside other industry leaders, will present and debate their views on the state of the present and future relationship of the geophysical service sector and oil and gas operators.

Click here for a full schedule of PGS technical talks and posters or explore the sections below for more details. 


Tech Talks

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