Cyrille Reiser | QI-based Prospect Identification, Orphan Basin

12 October | 14:15 - 14:40 CST (GMT-5). From a regional AVA screening to focused elastic attributes estimation: an integrated solution from seismic acquisition to reservoir characterization.


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Session: AVOSI 1 Case Studies

Authors: Cyrille Reiser, Elena Polyaeva, and Scott Opdyke (formerly of PGS).

Cyrille Reiser provides an overview of the regional QI-based identification of several leads and prospects in three modern multisensor streamer datasets from the Orphan Basin in offshore Canada. The inversion of relative elastic impedance attributes is complemented in a study area with the use of high-quality FWI velocity models and careful rock physics analysis to build low-frequency models, enabling the recovery of absolute elastic impedance models with excellent matches to the available well data. Furthermore, the integrated imaging and QI workflow allowed a robust density model estimation using reflection angles up to 55 degrees; supporting the identification of some interesting geological features and leads.