Tiago Alcantara | Deepwater LSM imaging, Orphan Basin

12 October | 14:15 - 14:40 CST (GMT-5). High-resolution velocity model building and least-squares imaging offshore Canada: a deepwater Orphan Basin example.



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Session: SPET P1 Case Studies

Authors: Tiago Alcantara, Eric Frugier, and Bruno Virlouvet (formerly of PGS).

Tiago Alcantara presents a compelling multisensor streamer imaging case study from the Orphan Basin in offshore Canada that used 25 Hz full wavefield FWI velocity model building, followed by both pre-stack and post-stack image domain Kirchhoff Least-Squares Migration (LSM). The LSM image gathers were suitable for Quantitative Interpretation (QI). A subsequent data domain LSM demonstrated enhanced spatial resolution of complex faulting and target structures at the Cretaceous and (deep) Jurassic levels.